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How To Enable Remote Desktop On Windows 10 - Everything You Need To Know About Remote Desktop

How To Enable Remote Desktop On Windows 10 - Everything You Need To Know About Remote Desktop

What is Remote Desktop?

A remote desktop simply refers to a system or a software which allows you to control or operate another connected computer from your own computer. Practically speaking: Lets say you are working on Computer A and you want to gain access to another computer, say a client computer named Computer B, remote desktop will allow you to do that by simply connecting and working on Computer B without being physically present at Computer B location.

How Do You Know Your Computer Is Capable of Remote Desktop?

I have come across so many question from end-users, especially the entry ones, they always wants to buy a computer that can be able to run a remote desktop operations. I keep telling them, all computers and laptops are capable of running a remote desktop because the remote desktop is not dependent on the hardware of your computer, rather the software part. And again, there are host of software that can allow you to run a remote desktop out there; like Zoom.

Advantages Of Remote Desktop

Lets say you are working on an important work related documents or trying to install something on your system and you are not able to or know the options to choose and you need guidance. The proactive thing to do is to call your system administrator or tech engineer to come and work on it right? Now what if he is very busy with work somewhere else and you need to get this work done.

This is where remote desktop comes in. With the help of internet, your tech engineer can request a remote access to your laptop so he can operate your laptop from his location, in order to guild you on whatever it is you are doing or to even do it for you as you watch.

How To Enable Remote Desktop On Windows 10

It is fairly easy to enable or request access to a remote desktop on Windows 10, but before that, it is imperative to NOTE that you can only connect to a Laptop or a Computer that is running Windows 10 Professional (Windows 10 Pro) or higher. This means you can only connect to Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, Server Editions etc. And additionally, when you are connecting System A & System B, both has to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Though you can still connect via internet using other specific apps.

Alright, first thing first. Lets say you want to connect to Laptop B from Laptop A, you have to enable remote desktop on Laptop B before you can connect to it from Laptop A

How to enable remote desktop from Laptop B

1. Click on Start, type "Remote Desktop Setting" in the field and then Click "Remote Desktop Setting"
2. Toggle the switch to "Enable Remote Desktop"
3. Take NOTE of the name of Laptop B because when you want to connect from Laptop A, it will require the name.
4. To find the name, right-click the Start Button, click on "System" from the list.
5. Under Device Specification, take note of your [Device Name]

How to now connect to Laptop B from your own laptop (Laptop A)

1. Goto Start, Type "Remote Desktop Connection" and click on it from the list
2. Enter the name of the computer you are about to connect to (Laptop B - Device Name) and click "connect"
3. Type in the Username and Password (if any) and then connect

And that is it. You are connected....

Hope you enjoyed the tutorials. Make sure you like, share and comment below if you run into any issues. I will be quick to help you out.

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