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What Is Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) - All You Need To Know About DSF

What Is Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) - All You Need To Know About DSF

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF; Arabic: مهرجان دبي للتسوق is simply put - an annual month long event (usually more than one month) put together by the Dubai Festivals & Retail Establishments (DFRE) which undoubtedly is a part of Dubai's Department of tourism since the idea is to attract tourist to the country.

During this month long festival, shops or showrooms offer discounts and attractive deals on their merchandise, daily raffles and prize draws - which are held to win items such as cars, gold, etc - depending on what the merchants have to offer its customers. Apart from offering mouth watering offers, there are also many events that take place during this "festivity period". Events like fireworks displays.. etc.

The DSF was specifically set up to attract increases in the retail trade of Dubai - UAE but was later promoted as tourist attraction. The festival began on February 1996 and took a total of 45 days to construct before being launched, hence the 45 days duration of the festivity.

The DSF was promoted to a tourist attraction because the first Dubai Shopping Festival in 1996 attracted more than one and a half million people who spent over of 500 million dollars during the one month event. Statistics also show how it has since grown, with more than three million people attending the festival and over 2 billion dollars being earned at the Dubai Shopping Festival in 2009.

The 2020-2021 edition of the Dubai Shopping festival makes it the 25th time the festival has been in operation and much more is expected from it. The motto for the festivity is “One World, One Family, One Festival”.

Apart from Riffle Draws, Service Deals, etc, almost all retails shops or showrooms in Dubai use this period to discount their products and service to earn more and more sales. Especially clothing shops, shoe marts, grocery shops/malls, as well as tech shops.

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Happy Shopping – Happy New Year.

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