Core i3 Vs Core i5 Vs Core i7

What Is The Difference Between Core i3, Core i5 And Core i7 Laptops

Before I start, let me address the widely held impression that Intel Core i5 and i7 are distinguishable by there processor cores. This is a very big misconception. Yes, core i7's have quad cores but guess what, some core i5 also has a quad-core processor.

Having said that, let's get into the nitty-gritty of how core i7 is different from core i5 and which you buy. Contemplating on the one to buy is a great discomfort for some people who don't really understand the difference and the terminologies involved. Can't blame them though because while you think a core i7 is better than a core i5, it may interest you to note that core i5 - 10th generation is better than some core i7 - 8th generation.

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Is complicated, I know but let's try as much as possible to decipher things.

Now, Intel has many types of processors available for purchase. They have the Intel Cores series and the older Pentiums series which are mainly built for consumer services - like your personal laptops, business laptops, and gaming laptops. Intel also has other processors like Intel Xeon which are built for workstations and servers. Though gamers sometimes use it to build their gaming setups.

Today we are discussing the Intel Cores Series which is mainly the Core i3, i5, and i7 with a recent addition, core i9.

How do they differ?
Which should I buy?

With so many similarities between the 3 main cores, I will be focusing on the major difference. There Pros and Cons.

Intel Core i3

1. CPU processing power is limited
2. Usually able to access 8GB RAM
3. Only works with base processor speed (no turbo boost)
4. Less expensive to purchase laptops or desktops running a core i3
5. Less ability for multitasking.
6. Can only access 2 cores of processors hence very difficult to multitask
7. Have low onboard memory (cache) usually 3mb to 4mb
8. Clock speed is usually low and cannot be overclocked.
9. Sometimes supports hyperthreading

Intel Core i5

1. Usually more processing power than Core i3
2. Base speed and turbo speed is possible
3. A bit pricey buying laptops or desktops with core i5
4. Mostly able to access upto 32gb RAM
5. Built specifically to be able to multi-task.
6. Able to access upto 4 cores of processors
7. Have higher base processor speed - And can be overclocked
8. Have higher cache (onboard memory) upto 6mb
9. Supports hyperthreading

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Intel Core i3 and i5 processors are good but you will get better performance and a more multitask-oriented system if you go with core i5. But if you just need a laptop or desktop to play around with and do your word processing and browse the internet, core i3 will get the job done.

If you need to do serious works; graphic designing, architectural design, video editing, and more data-oriented and graphics-oriented jobs, it would be best if you go with a Core i5.

Now, how does core i5 measure against core i7?
Is core i7 an overkill?
Or is it worth buying a core i7 instead of core i5, bearing in mind the financial aspect of the whole thing?

Picking between these two processors is very tricky because the two lines have a lot in common. The truth is, there isn't always a clear-cut or a definite answer to which is better in a given situation, and often, it just comes down to your budget. But knowing the essentials about each can help you make a smarter decision as to which to buy.

Let's get into the key differences between the Core i5 and the Core i7.

Intel Core i7

1. Core i7 is usually more expensive than core i5
2. Core i7 is better for multitasking, media-editing & media-creation tasks, high-end gaming.
3. Can access up to 8 or more cores
4. Can access up to 64gb RAM and more 
5. If you are running adobe software and AutoCAD, core i7 will make it seem like you are working on word processors.
6. And finally, core i7 possesses what core i3 and i5 possess and much more.
7. Hyper-Threading is available in core i7

Core i7 could be an overkill for some people but if you are a pro video editor or a pro graphic designer or an avid gamer, or you just want to use core i7 so that there won't be any need for the laptop to hang and for "future proof", I think you can go for core i7 but if not, core i5 will give you all you have ever dreamed of while working with a PC or laptop.

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