Tech-Offer.Com is a household name in MENA region when electronics gadgets is concerned. We are one of the top electronics store in UAE, providing the best retail experience in both Electronics and IT supplies. Tech-Offer.Com services UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and all the MEA countries. Our over 10 years of experience in picking the best of brands from the world’s top manufacturers tech/gaming gadgets and office IT equipments has given us the edge over our competitors and has undoubtedly cemented a special place in the hearts of our clientele. 


“Think Tech-Offer.Com - Think Laptop”; Our online store/showroom is the best place to look when searching for top notch gaming console, gaming laptops, business laptops, student laptops, workstations and etc. Since the city "Dubai" is synonymous with modern development, we have tones of gadgets, latest products, ranging from 11th Generation to 12th Generation laptops as well as AMD Ryzen 6000 Series, latest Sony PlayStaion 5, Samsung & iPhones, VR Headsets, Inmrasat Satellite Phones, Mobile & Laptop Accessories and etc, and we only deal on brand new and genuine products.


Our brand ranges from and not limited to Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Acer, Asus, Kaspersky, Epson, Samsung, LG, TP-Link, BenQ, Canon, Crucial, ESET, Huawei, Intel, McAfee, Panasonic, Mowsil, Sony, Zebra, ZKTeco, Cisco, Linksys, Promate, etc. We also have amazing offers and special weekly deals for the millennials and startups who are always ready to check out the latest technologies in the market. 


We guarantee you an Express delivery (usually 1-2 days), 6 days hassle free returns, easy warranty processes and favorable return policy in case of technical issues on any of our products.


Here is the list of what we offer. 


 • Mobile and Smart Devices: Go online and shop for the latest Mobiles, Tablets, Smartwatches, Speakers, and Smart Devices 

 • Game Console and Controllers: We have the latest Sony PlayStation 5 , Xbox S-Series, Nintendo Switch, PS% Controllers, Game DVDs & Accessories. 

 • Laptops and Accessories: Choose from the latest Gaming & Business laptops and tech add-ons

 • Desktops and Monitors: Find the right fit for your Office and Home. Systems that serve your needs

 • Printers: Print seamlessly with modern digital printers over wifi, Bluetooth, and much more 

 • Softwares: Pick the right software for your digital requirements and make life easy

 • Deal of the week: Subscrbe to our store so that you always get it first. We offer stunning weekly deals

 • Scanner: Scanners that capture the essence of your documents and create quality digital formats are all here

 • Televisions: Live inside the amazing screens of QLEDs and experience Netflix, Prime, and all your shows in crystal clear clarity

 • Storage Drives & Memories Expand your storage repository with Hard Disks, portable storage devices, and much more 

 • Accessories: Shop for mouse, keyboards, graphic cards, and high-end processors among other computer accessories 


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