Why Is My Windows 10 Time Wrong? Here's How to Fix the Clock

Why Is My Windows 10 Time Wrong? Here's How to Fix the Clock

Time is something nobody have in abundance and allocating your time effectively in your daily life is a necessity, though this is for those who wants to become something in life. 

Time management is a niche that is booming every day by day and considering too many things we have to think about, our own PC should at least keep track of time. Sometimes this may not be the case. 

Though computers are meant to ease the burden on us, sometimes it can default. Yes, sometimes computers which are suppose to do and know everything can't even keep track of time.

When the time on your computer or laptop is always or sometimes wrong or keeps changing, the problem ranges from dying CMOS battery to a faulty time zone setting. In this, I will show you why your computer clock is off and how you can fix it.

If your PC or laptop doesn't keep accurate time anymore, here is what you should do to remedy the situation before rushing off to your tech guy.

Step 1 - Click on "Start Menu" and navigate to "Control Panel"

Step 2 - Or you can click on "Search-bar" and type "Control Panel" and click on it

Step 3 - Expand the "Category" and choose either "small icons" or "large icons"

Step 4 - Click on "Date and Time" to open date and time property

Step 5 - Make sure your time zone is set correctly (If you don't know your country's time zone, a quick google search will reveal it)

Step 6 - Click "Change Time Zone", select correct time zone and hit OK

Step 7 - After setting your time zone, reset the time and you are good to go.

Step 8 - Make sure you set your time zone before resetting your time.

That is all. Your PC will from henceforth keep accurate time. But if your PC continues to show wrong time after restart, chances is are - your CMOS batter is dead. 

Don't panic, CMOS battery is as cheap as a cup of cafe so it won't take a fortune to replay. CMOS batter is almost like a watch batter but bigger. Checkout how CMOS batter looks like below.

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CMOS Battery

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