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Why We Are The Most Trusted eCommerce Site In UAE & Oman - CoD & 6 Days Hassle Free Return

Why We Are The Most Trusted eCommerce Site In UAE & Oman - CoD & 6 Days Hassle Free Return

We understand the skepticism of customers purchasing any product online and to be honest, the fears are real. This is one of the reason people prefer to buy from because of their robust security and the "get your money back guaranty" they promise.

The truth is, even after all those promises, people find it very difficult to claim their money back if anything goes wrong with their purchases. You can just google "Amazon money back guaranty" on google and you will find out that more than 70% of the time, people don't get their money back.

So why is Tech-Offer.Com different?

Let me explain - We offer CoD - Cash On Delivery to our customers no matter where you are in the United Arab Emirates. This is to minimize the fears of people when it comes to online purchases and eCommerce sites in general. This way, you don't need to be afraid of not receiving the product.

So - What is Cash on Delivery?

Cash on Delivery is a method of payment for online purchases. In this method, the buyer doesn’t have to pay us until the logistics company delivers the product. Most CoD orders accept cash or card payments on delivery but we only accept cash. Most customers prefer this method of payment. It ensures they don’t have to spend until they know for sure that they received the product. If they got the item and discovered there’s a defect, they can refuse to accept it and simply not pay.

This is a stark contrast to traditional transactions. The traditional method requires customers to pay via card or other modes of payment, before we  ships the item out. We even took this a step further by not charging our customers an extra charges when they opt for cash on delivery - like Amazon, Noon and some other eCommerce sites does.

How Does CoD Work?

In many ways, CoD works exactly like a traditional payment method. The buyer has to go online and complete an order on the website. They have to provide all the common details, such as their delivery address, the name of the recipient, phone number and email address.

However, at the tail-end of the order process, they no longer have to pay at that exact moment. They simply have to choose the “Cash on Delivery” option. We then have to prepare and ship the item. The buyer only has to pay once they get the item. They will pay the courier and the courier then delivers the money to us. Once we receive the payment, we can close the order and record it as a completed transaction.

Benefits of Cash on Delivery

Why we offer Cash on Delivery? Wouldn’t we want to get the payment before risking sending an item to a buyer?

We put our customers first. All we do is to satisfy all our customers and if it means risk on our part, we don't mind. CoD works with customers’ mindsets. They’re more likely to push through with an order because there’s the comfort that they don’t have to pay right away. It’s all about building trust with our customers and this leads to an increase in your loyalty.

Some customers also prefer CoD because they fear the risk of credit card fraud or identity theft. Offering CoD soothes their fears since they can then pay upon confirming that you did indeed deliver a legit item to their doorstep.

Apart from offering COD, Tech-Offer.Com also offer 6 days hassle free return.

So even if you love the product and ordered it on cash on delivery, and it was delivered and you paid cash, if you notice any issue with any of our product you ordered, you have the opportunity to return it within 6 days of purchase and we will change it for you or return your money back with no questions asked.

This is why Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all UAE Emirates love buying from us. You can't just go wrong while buying from Tech.Offer.Com - And moreover, all our products comes with a year GCC warranty.

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