Difference Between Gaming Laptops, Business Laptops & Normal Laptops

Difference Between Gaming Laptops, Business Laptops & Normal Laptops

When one decides to buy a laptop or any gadget at all, a lot of question creeps up. How do I know the difference between a gaming laptop and a normal or business laptop.

What specification should I buy?
Which laptop will best carter to my needs?
Since I will also like to play games with it, which laptop should I buy?
What are the things to compromise and what are the things not to?
Are gaming laptops used especially for gaming alone? If so, does that mean one need to also buy another laptop for everyday computing works?

Lots of people are in this state of confusion, especially the new end-users in computer-world. But because you have stumbled upon this article today, you won't be confused as to which to buy, only if you carefully read this article till the end.

Before we begin, it is imperative to state that gaming laptops are quite different from normal laptops or business laptops. They have huge differences and few similarities. Nonetheless; Laptops, despite the fact that categorized as in line with needs, have common specs.

No too much gibberish in this article. I will go straight to the point.

Features of gaming laptops

1. Gaming laptops have high GPU Power - GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. This is the main characteristics of a gaming laptops that differentiates it from other type of laptops. So when you see a laptop with graphic cards like GeForce GTX series and GeForce RTX series, then chances are they are made for gaming.

2. Gaming laptops contains all other specifications a normal laptop can contain though emphases are mainly on graphics card. This is because without a good graphics card, a laptop cannot run games like Fortnight, PUBG etc. You can run this games with a gaming laptop to its full capacity without compromising the graphics.

3. The size of the RAM - (Random Access Memory) is typically on the higher side in gaming laptops. There is a dedicated VRAM (Virtual Random Access Memory) also to be had in maximum laptops, which is specifically dedicated to video memory.

4. Without good resolution, there is no gaming. Gaming laptops comes with awesome resolution (FHD, UHD, 4k, 8K). However, for an everyday pc consumer, the stability between size, weight, and resolution is necessary.

5. Gaming laptops are modern and anything modern has to deal with 3D. This-days, almost every game are 3-dwell suited. The addition of the 1/3 measurement to the technology has introduced to the gaming enjoy. Thus, at the same time as moving into for a gaming computer, it’s miles really useful to buy a 3D laptop.

5. Gaming laptops are usually heavier than normal laptops. This is because gaming laptops comes with 2 fans; one cooling the processor while the other takes care of the extra graphics card (GTX or RTX graphics cards). So if you are thinking of lightweight laptops for traveling, don't go for gaming laptops.

6. And lastly, gaming laptops are usually pricey. They are expensive when compared to the normal and business laptops. So you gonna have to break that bank if you intend to get one of this gaming beast. Though there are some budget gaming laptops but trust me, it isn't cheap.

7. Battery power is not really a thing when it comes to gaming laptops because no matter how strong the battery is, it will run down within 2 hours of intensive gaming.

Popular brand in gaming laptop niche; Alienware, Asus & MSI - Asus Rog is really a gaming beast.

Features of A Business Laptop or Normal Laptop

1. The major selling point of business laptops is their durability and battery power. Battery lifestyles is an essential feature for a business computer. This is because those who opt for a business laptop will need to travel with it and they expect the battery power to last very long in case of rare power sources. These laptops can last for a whooping 15 - 17 hours after fully charged.

2. Durability and flexibility - The likes of Lenovo Yoga C940 and C970, HP Spectre Dell XPS and HP Elitebooks are some of the business class laptops which continues to break new heights. They are so lightweight and small that you don't even feel you are carrying a laptop, hence the name notebook.

3. A normal or business laptop has decent specs which is suitable for office use and general purposes of computing. Nothing too fancy thought the elegance is compensated with the fancy designs, sleek finishing and lightweight.

4. Storage capability is also a thing when it comes to business or normal laptops. Since this category of laptops has to deal with huge data and computational power, the need for massive storage is a no brainer.

5. And finally, a bit about the durability - durability is key as long as business laptop is concerned. A business laptop can work 72 hours non-stop and won't even "break a sweat" because this is what it was designed to accomplish.

The above mentioned characteristics are the salient things you must understand before you can be able to differentiate gaming laptops with business laptops or normal laptops. And if you are looking to buy any of these laptops, tech-offer.com is the place to be. You will be advised base on the main purpose of purchasing the laptop.

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